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Your best is not good enough

Posted 04-16-2011 at 07:30 PM by SurrenderWithin
June 9, 2010

Kyukoshin is having such a huge impact on my life. It seems to be affecting me at every level and on every front. My way of thinking is shifting, and even my philosophies on life. He ( instructor) says I will be a Taoist yet. I have learned a great deal about myself and am reaching a new level of personal awareness. One of the biggest things that I am realizing is related to how self-limiting I have been for so long. I am self-limiting in both my thoughts and actions ( or inaction as it may be).

In so many ways it comes back to all of the perceived limits I have placed upon my self in a habitual fashion. As I am learning karate it is hard. In fact, it is by hard the most difficult thing I have ever done. I have so many obstacles that I face each day; yet day by day I watch those barriers collapse before my very eyes. I am learning to think more positive and not allowing myself to focus on "can't". He has shown me time and time again that I can when I think I cannot. I have heard more than one lecture about thinking I cannot do it any longer. He has pointed out many times that he isn't offended by my lack of belief in myself but that he will not stand by and simply watch me offend myself in such a manner. The lesson of "can't" I face every day, each time that I train. More often than not though I watch that blockade fall away as I know that I can and refuse to listen to myself be negative. He is there though with a firm solid reminder though when I begin to believe that I cannot and demonstrates that I can... then points it out to me. He often says," If you believe you can or cannot you are right".......

In the past I have been a strong believer that the most I can ask for a person or that they can ask out of me is for one to truly do their best. Through kyokushin I have learned that the very belief of " I did my best" in and of itself is self-limiting. By stating I did my best I am stating that I have reached my limit and cannot do any better. I would be better off acknowledging that my limits are generally percieved and I can always go a little farther than I believed to be possible. I have seen this time and time again, when I train. Through kyokushin I have learned that my best is not good enough. I have also learned that if I keep doing my best over and over my best becomes better thus bringing me closer to my goal. I will have success and give everything I chose to do my all. I will not except excuses from myself about why I failed. I will continue to do my best, but know and accept that my best is not a reason to stop pushing to the goal and beyond.

How many times in our life do we look at something we are trying to do, that we accomplished in a less than adequate fashion and dismissed our failing on the grounds of " I did my best".

My best is not good enough and I will be better.
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completely agreed
Posted 04-20-2011 at 12:47 AM by BaibyJo BaibyJo is offline
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